Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eat up the leftovers

Leftovers, whether they're in the refrigerator or in the sewing studio, should never go to waste.  Here is what I did with my Panier de Fleurs blocks that did not go in the border of the other quilt:
A little hocus-pocus - add a four patch in the center, cut some grey patches from the leftover border fabric, and voila - a new design that plays with the other one but comes out new.  I have the makings for four more blocks.  Then if I want it to be bigger I have to pick out all the seams of the seven I made the old way for the other quilt's border.

Or I could put them on the back of the quilt.  That might be more rip-rip-rip than I'm up for doing.

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