Thursday, March 7, 2013

A baby quilt for Mother's friend

The gentleman who owns the garage where my mother has her car serviced, a very nice man named Steve, is going to be a father in May.  Steve has some serious health issues, and Mom always asks about him and his family whenever she needs her car looked after.  He's been very good to her - where else have you seen the mechanic come and pick up your car, and then deliver it back to you when it's done?  Nowhere I've lived!

When she found out that Steve's wife was expecting we decided that they needed a baby quilt.  I had several made up in the drawer waiting for quilting so I photographed some possibilities, mailed them to her and we picked the favorite.  It came back from the longarm quilter yesterday and I started the binding very early this morning.  I just finished it:
The little images are cartoons of baby animals playing in the park (bunnies, puppies and kittens, elephants and bears, mice, hedgehogs and even a crocodile or two! - dressed in children's clothes) and were clipped from a panel, framed with bright colors and set with sashing and striped borders.  The quilting is a delightful  pattern of ABCs surrounded by squiggles, a design which my amazing longarm quilter found for me..  I can ask for almost anything and she comes up with it. Where she gets them all I can't imagine.  Here's an example of the quilting:
 Now to call mom and get the particulars for the label - I don't know their last name!

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