Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's midmorning, about half way 'til our festive meal, and it's business as usual - I'm washing dishes as much as I'm cooking.  I don't have a large kitchen and my counterspace isn't extensive either, and if I let the mess get away from me all is lost.  So I wash up as I cook, keeping bowls and pans and utensils cleaned and put away so I can have room to mess up the next batch of bowls and pans and utensils.

The cat has already tried to open the bread package - not Molly, for heaven's sake, who wouldn't dream of such a transgression, it was Tuxedo the new miscreant who never met a bit of food he didn't like.  I shooed him away and admonished him that he's a carnivore anyway and wouldn't eat bread.  "Oh, no", he seemed to smirk, "I'm not a carnivore, I'm an OPPORTUNIST."  And he certainly is.  He ate a potato chip yesterday.  What cat eats a potato chip?

I'm in a froth eager for Bonnie Hunter's mystery to start tomorrow.  I have already taken a break from cooking to fondle my fabrics and start to second guess myself.  Stop, just stop, I have to tell myself.  You have already changed your mind too many times.  Finally you jettisoned the gold and brown on the grounds that you use entirely too much brown and you are "golded" out from Orca Bay, and have decided to go with Bonnie's colors.  You have a very nice group here:

So quit worrying.  (OK, so I ordered a few more purples from this morning.  I couldn't find the lighter purples I wanted locally and they had cheap shipping.)

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to one and all, wishing you a merry and safe holiday, whether you are surrounded by family and friends or, like my husband and I, sharing the meal at home together.  I send a virtual hug and handshake for the bloggers whom I have met online and may never be able to see in person, in affection and appreciation for you all.


Teresa in Music City said...

LOL!!! My cat loves potato chips! She won't eat any other "people" food though except ice cream - loves ice cream :*) I'm excited to see the first clue to Bonnie's mystery too. I'm out of town until Sunday night, so I won't get to start, but I can't wait to see how she starts it. Love your fabrics! You DO have a good selection. I finally caved and bought a different gray for mine. I just wasn't satisfied with the one I had in my stash. I'm much happier with the new piece.

Linda said...

I just read the first clue! Yayayaya! We'll have a lot of fun doing this one. I really like the colours you settled on
Lurking Linda