Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dots are done!

Yay!  I just finished replacing the white square in the center of the last block of my Burgoyne Surrounded.  Now time to get back to assembling the quilt top.

I found a Hancock's of Paducah mailer in my inbox today and went to their site to look at a new 3 Sisters collection  called Double Chocolate.  Very pretty especially one of the quilt patterns created to go with the collection.  It's enough triangles to make you nuts, but it's gorgeous (image from Hancock's of Paducah site):
Have mercy!  I might consider it but Bonnie Hunter has a mystery coming up in November and I'm sure that one will keep me busy - a good reason to get my Burgoyne Surrounded quilt finished soon.  Back to sewing I go.


bshur said...

I agree it is beautiful. I say go for it. Besides, I think Bonnie said this year's mystery will be an easy one.

The Calico Quilter said...

bshur, I drew up the block in EQ and decided that it was not too hard for me but definitely would make me crazy. I love it but I think I'll pass. Meanwhile, I'm impatient for Bonnie to post the mystery fabric selections - hope I can use my brown and pink scraps in this one.