Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dot, dot, dot

I've spent the morning ripping out and replacing little red squares in the centers of my 15" Burgoyne Surrounded blocks, exchanging a little red dot for a little white one.  But it is necessary even though it's tedious.  Given that these were pieced in strips which were cut apart into sections, the stitch length is shorter than usual, making the ripping out even worse.  However, the design simply works better with a white center.
On other fronts, I made the next blocks in Threadhead's QAL this morning too.  Hmmm, that one with beige background and peach star points isn't as successful as it could be - it looks better in person but the contrast is washed out in the photo.   .   .maybe I'll take a break from Burgoyne Surrounded this afternoon and make another one.
Just love these colors!  Fig Tree Quilts has the most yummy fabrics - I've made several quilts from their collections and they are always soft and beautiful.

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Jo said...

Yep, the white dots are worth the work!