Sunday, October 21, 2012

Burgoyne beauty, so-so Grandmother's Choice

I'm busily working on the pieced sashing for my Burgoyne Surrounded variation today, as well as completing the five additional blocks to make it king size.  Here's a corner showing a few blocks with the sashing (but without the outer borders) - I love it!  I wish I had had this idea earlier so I could have put a white square in the center of the large red/blue uneven four patches in the middle of the block - that would have made it even better.  I'm even debating picking out those center squares and replacing them, as crazy as that sounds. But even without that, the white dots scattered through the design and the small white circles in between the large circles lighten the look of the whole and give it a lift.

Yesterday I spent a grumpy couple of hours on my Grandmother's Choice block.  I decided to foundation piece it because of the striped cone shapes.  It wasn't fun and the end product doesn't have the greatest inset corners but there it is.  I'm not going to make another one!

See?  I have to replace the center squares with white ones.  25 of them.  Sigh.

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Jo said...

Burgoyne is gorgeous. I still haven't started mine! I think i may fold on G's Choice. Some of those blocks are way beyond my skill takes me all day to do one. I hate to give up, but i think this one has beaten me. Threadhead, on the other hand is a blast!