Thursday, October 18, 2012

Burgoyne variation - or heresy?

I can't leave well enough alone in these QALs and mysteries.  I finished all 20 of the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt and started thinking about the sashing.  Well, I also started thinking about adding another row and increasing it to king size but I have time enough to decide.  Just in case I picked up another yard of the blue background at Joann's

Here's the thing:  I think the sashing and corner square need some pizzazz.  First, the traditional design:

First I added more white:
Then I put piecing in the sashing and added the white centers:
I like the little rings between the big rings.  It adds more movement.  It's definitely not the traditional pattern but does that matter?  I think it also reminds me somehow of those "Mountain Weave" tablecloths that Vermont Country Store sells.  I think I'll go with it.

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Jo C. said...

You crack me up! I like the last one...i'm waaaaay behind on my burgoyne.