Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh. . .good. . .grief

I didn't see my mistake when I was piecing the block, nor when I was pressing the block, nor when I was photographing the block.  It only became apparent that I had flubbed this when I was cropping the picture and concentrating on the bottom while aligning the cropping tool.  How in heaven's name can I overlook a screw-up like this?
It's amazing how blind you can be to your own errors.  Anyway, here's the latest "How Far Will You Go?" QAL block for the week.

And yes, I'm a idiot.


Angie said...

Lovely blocks. I had to laugh when I read your title, I thought I was the only one that made mistakes like that. :D

Me and My Stitches said...

Isn't it amazing what you miss until you see a picture? I've done that same thing, and honestly, it took me a minute to find your mistake, so I can see how you missed it!

pcflamingo said...

As my son the computer geek would say, "that's not a bug, it's a feature." Or a design element.

Katie said...

I wonder how many of us would have seen it if you hadn't pointed it out! :-)