Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now THAT'S what I meant

My border fabric arrived in the mail today so I ran in after dinner and before dishwashing and slapped it down on the sewing room floor for a mocked-up picture of a modified border design.  I can live with this.  You can see the striped binding works well with the outer border.  It lightens and lifts the entire look of the quilt.  I'll trim the existing border to 1" finished and add a 2 1/2 - 3" outer border depending on what proportion looks right.  I'm relieved.

This is another little goodie I'm working on:
I'm really getting into these small charm pack projects.

On other fronts, I spent the afternoon outside digging up shrubs that died over last year's dreadful summer, and planting one replacement.  Five more to plant tomorrow.  Fertilized shrubs, weeded, started to get the yard back in shape for the year.  I can't wait to plant my tomato patch!  Unfortunately, a rain cut short my work.  It didn't seem to affect my neighbor, though, who was out in the rain mowing the yard.  Okay - if it works for her.....

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Pieces of Cotton said...

I like your idea for the border on the first one MUCH better.