Friday, March 16, 2012

A hairy decision

I batted the decision back and forth in my head.  Should I cut my hair?  I alternate between short hair and just-above-shoulder-length bobs with bangs.  That's been my pattern for, gee, 20 years?  I last grew out my hair after I retired, over 4 years ago, and was getting bored with it.  So I started the search for short hair ideas.  That's when it hit me:  if I was going to cut my hair the short haircut I liked the best was that of Joanna Coles on Project Runway, the editor of Marie Claire magazine.  Here's a picture, courtesy of the Marie Clair website:
See?  Cute.  Unfussy.  Simple.  I like it.

I was already scheduled for a trim today.  Last night after I watched Project Runway and stared at Ms. Coles' haircut, I searched Google images for her picture.  I printed them out and put them in my handbag, but hadn't made up my mind even as I drove to the beauty shop.

Once there, it because clear.  I wanted short hair again because it was easier to take care of.  Summer was coming and my gray mop was getting frizzier and frizzier (gray hair does that).  It was time.

My wiz hairstylist Susan took a look at the pictures and set to work.  And now my hair looks almost exactly like hers.  The differences come from mine being thicker and wirier.  But a little John Frieda serum fixes that. The gray, it just has to stay the way it is.

I'm set for the summer.

And I haven't had a panic attack yet.  So far so good.  No regrets.

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Paula TheQuilter said...

Cute. My hair is baby fine and wavy -- not a good combo for shorter hair. Especially when joined with a body that carries massive amounts of static. I sometimes look like a cartoon character who's finger is in a light socket; even with shoulder length hair.