Thursday, September 1, 2011

Diamond log cabin

As soon as I finished the last block I threw them down on the sewing room floor for a photo.  Man on man oh man this thing is WORK!  This probably isn't the final arrangement and there are borders to cut yet but this is pretty much how it will look.  It's cool, but mercy, I won't do another one.  Too much stretchy for one soul to take. 

You know how you can assembly line piece log cabin blocks, laying each new block on a long strip as you feed them through the machine?  Not with this one, at least if you expect them to come out the same size in the end.  I had to make wonky trapezoid paper patterns for each piece in the blocks, and even stranger shaped ones for the border half diamonds, and trace them onto strips as I made each block.  I had sort of planned to make the design edge to edge but when it got to 80" square, I said "I'm done!"

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Bridget said...

I've always steered myself away from diamonds because I am afraid of matching them. You did a good job!

On Hobo Kitty: We had a Hobocat last year. Alas, he didn't stay,but he was a cutie!

Your hobocat looks mysterious.

Thanks for my blog comment. Yes, the skull with the hair is off-putting to say the least.