Thursday, September 1, 2011

The hobo kitty

As you can see, the little stray kitty is still quite at home in my back garden. Throughout the day I will glance outside and see it, either in my garden or across the street at the vacant house.  It likes to sleep on the porch.  Other times, though, we have no idea where it goes.

I think it lounges behind the plants there because of the faint hope that a dumb bird will wander by on the way to the birdbath.  It doesn't spend the whole day with us but comes by several times to eat and get a drink of water.  Sometimes the kitty takes a break during its meal and relaxes in the shade.  We put out a cup of dry kibble a day and it usually cleans the plate.  We are in danger of having the world's only tubby feral cat!  Come to think of it, this cat has quite the life.  Food in regular and ample supply and none of that pesky petting stuff!

I have started to refer to it as Hobo Kitty, or Hobo for short!

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