Thursday, April 7, 2011

When is scrappy TOO scrappy?

I answered that question today - courtesy of a Carrie Nelson pattern named McGuffey. See, the pattern looks like this (Photo from designer's website):
Notice that the blocks have matching pairs of bands around the large square. I've made the quilt that way once before. This time, I decided to introduce more variety in the blocks by mixing up all the patches surrounding the square. This picture shows how the instructions say to piece the block (left) and how I modified it (right).To say that it didn't work is an understatement. I made about 20 blocks and laid them out on the floor. Well. It looked terrible! It was too chaotic. You couldn't see the pattern of the quilt. It was just a jumble. So I took the remaining pieces, sorted them into pairs and started making the blocks the right way. After about 45 blocks I had to start picking apart the ones I made before and rescuing the patches to recycle into new blocks. It was a mess. But I did finish all 64 blocks.Here they are laid out on the floor. I think it's cute. This quilt will be for my niece, because she likes purple, and because her cat of 16 years just died. I'm going to have it quilted with an allover kitty design, in honor of Zoe. Rest in peace, little kitty, you were loved.

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