Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I think I just made a Christmas quilt

The fabric is from a bundle of Moda's "Collection for a Cause - Hope" that I picked up on sale. The greens are actually teal when you look at the pieces individually, but combined, they just read as green. I wasn't trying to make anything Christmass-y but........... it absolutely is, isn't it? This is the pattern Chain of Faith from the Moda Bakeshop website. By the time I made a bunch of blocks I realized that the contrast between the fabrics wasn't right for the pattern but decided to finish it anyway since it was going together very quickly (raging insomnia last night helped there, too - I had plenty of sewing time after I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep). The red diagonal lines of squares don't stand out enough, and they would have been better if they weren't scrappy, but I was using what I had. I still have a red border and a scrappy piano key border to add. This isn't much of a show and tell today. I also have a quilt in progress from Carrie Nelson's McGuffey pattern that needs more light colors that I'm going to rework. It's made from Moda's Lilac Hill jelly rolls that I got on sale insanely cheap. On a depressing note, my local quilt shop is going out of business. The story is that the owner is also a local rep for Moda and the two jobs were stretching her too thin, so she chose the rep job. Now I'll have to drive down in Georgia to the nearest quilt shop, which is a nice one but not very handy. Or shop at Joann's or Hancock's, which are fine for notions and thread and such but don't carry any of the well known brands of fabric. Most of their stuff is made especially for them and the quality is variable. I'm not being a brand snob; you can see a real difference between Moda or RJR and what they sell. More online shopping in my future.


Nancy said...

I like the scrappiness of this quilt, and the red border will make the diagonal red pop more. Nice Job!

Denise said...

I love this fabric, I have the stuff to make the "Hope" quilt, I haven't started it yet, but soon. Thank you for sharing the quilt, and the link to the pattern I will add this to my list of "quilts I want to make", LOL.


Katie said...

No. You're not being a snob. You just have to choose fabric carefull at those stores.

I see what you mean about the contrast in your quilt but it's still very attractive! Not quite Christmas in July....but close! :-)

Saska said...

I think the red border will make the red squares pop too.