Saturday, April 9, 2011

This probably isn't as cute if it's YOUR attic

I saw the most adorable thing when I glanced out the back window while on the telephone this evening. Baby squirrels! These little guys amused themselves running up and down the roof of the house next door. Whenever a noise startled them, they zipped back into a hole visible under that angled section of roof beside the end of the rain gutter. They must be able to access the rafter area there and have been spending the winter in a nice cosy nest inside the attic. These little guys were about half the size of a grown gray squirrel and were absolutely adorable. But, like I said, perhaps not so cute if they're living in your house.


Katie said...

Quite right! Been there, done that. Not cute in your own house. :-)

Deb Levy said...

I've had them in my attic in Virginia...they chew through wiring....not so cute.

But they are cute and so funny to watch. I used to feed them and got an oversized birdhouse for them to live in instead of my attic (:>)

Tanya said...

My daughter's host family father was SHOOTING BBs at squirrels! I had to ask him to stop. I mean, I know it is his house and all but if my daughter had seen that she wouldn't have been able to live with them, that's for sure. She is a true animal lover! (Come to think of it, the neighbors weren't too happy with the host father shooting in the neighborhood either.)