Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quilts for Japan

I'm in the process of finishing two small quilts for the Japanese relief effort. I received an email from last week advertising a sew-in to be held this weekend, making quilts for Japan. They had received donated batting, backing fabric and quilting services and were inviting local quilters to participate. They also were soliciting donations, and I had been looking for a place to offer some help. After a quick call to assess if they would take unquilted tops (yes, gladly), I boxed up a full size and two child size tops, backing and even binding and mailed them off on Thursday.

Today, I'm finishing the second of two more quilt tops for them. These are made from the leftovers of the two quilts I made in the last few weeks, the one for my niece and the other made from a Collection for a Cause - Hope FQ bundle. These are child size and perhaps a bit eccentric, but they used up the last of the fabric from the jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles from which the large quilts were made. It's a win-win; fewer scraps to stow in the closet and two more tops for charity. I just had to figure out a plan to make them with whatever I had left. I think they were successful enough, but definitely not masterpieces!

Here are pictures. Note that I said they were eccentric. I was using the leftover shapes from the quilts, which were primarily 2 1/2" strips.Someone tell me quick if they're too weird or too ugly. I will understand.


Decca said...

I love them! And how generous of you to share your art and talent for such a good cause.

Greenmare said...

they are FABULOUS!!!!! I love them both! not one teeny bit weird or ugly, only gorgeous!!!! good JOB you!!!!

Tanya said...

Oh! They are lovely! Someone will be so happy to get those! Thank you from the people of Japan!

I know what you mean about a win-win situation. Making quilts for donation gets the stuff out of my house and hopefully someone will be cheered!