Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rest in peace, little television

My kitchen television quit working this morning. I was cutting out quilt blocks and watching "Law and Order", and pffffft. No picture. I wasted several minutes checking the cable box and fiddling with the television before I decided it was well and truly broken.

And I missed the end of the program. Now I don't know if the kid was a pathological killer or a poor teenager screwed up by psychiatric drugs. Rats. (I am positively addicted to "Law and Order". I never watched it on the network but now it's in syndication I'm hooked.)

But worst of all, now I have to go television shopping and try to find one small enough to fit in the corner on the kitchen cabinet. Not an easy task.

Little Zenith, why -- oh, why?


momtofatdogs said...

How big was the screen? I just bought a "portable" Color 9" screen w/remote control from Office Depot. Digital too. I have not opened the box, so I don't know if you can hook up the cable to it....I thought I could watch in the basement while I quilt on the long arm...


*karendianne. said...

Oh lordy bee I'm sorry about the TV and I was watching L & O this morning because I'm an addict, too. All hours of the day whenever it's on. If's it's running I'll find it. He was a killer. They got him. At least that's what I recall. Hmm... Can we depend on me for this info?

Morah said...

Machines! UH! Can't live without 'em though so....Hey, think of it this way...a great time to update!