Monday, March 8, 2010

A few completed quilt tops

Finally got these hung and photographed:

This pattern was called Golden Autumn but I think it turned out more spring than autumn. Name ideas, anyone? I'm kind of partial to "Tulip Time", but that might be the yearning for spring talking. And this is the one I'm calling "Kentucky Girl Moves to Tennessee". See the orange centers in the squares and the blue outlines? UT and UK colors.This is the basket quilt I made from a Moda Layer Cake and a couple of yards of fabric waiting between Carolina Christmas mystery steps. I may have posted it before. Well, here it is again:
And the little quilt I put together while the chicken roasted for dinner last night - pin basting and all!
I'm in quilting paralysis as usual. I can't decide what design to use on this, nor on the batik one I finished a while ago.

Next thing on the list to tackle is a disappearing nine patch made from a Layer Cake of "Fig and Plum". I'm thinking of cutting the 10" squares into 2 1/2" strips and making small D9P blocks. They would turn out really small though, 5 1/2" finished, so is that too small? To visually organize the quilt, the center of each block before cutting would be dark plum and the other pieces would be mediums and lights from the collection.


Crafty Maine Mom said...

Wow you got a lot done. They are beautiful. I see one block that is twisted in the pin basted quilt (a red triangle is up instead of down)

paula, the quilter said...

The pink and green one reminds me of March with it's tulips and pinwheels. I just quilted a small quilt over the weekend and I wanted to do something that resembles drifted snow. Started out that way and then morphed into shells. Shells? O well. It's done. Now to square it up and bind it.

The Calico Quilter said...

Why can't I ever see my errors before I finish the darned thing? Thanks to Crafty Maine Mom I won't be irritated every time I look at the little Tumbleweeds quilt (or not finish it at all). Where did I put the stitch picker?

Reenie said...

Maybe I am missing something, but in the picture of the pattern from Missouri Star, the reds are the same way...3 going one way and 1 going another. Am I looking in the right spot? I LOVE all you have gotten done! Great job!

Reenie said...

haha..oops..never mind. I see what she means now! lol