Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny in Tennessee (oh, what a difference a few days make)

Tuesday it was snowing. Today, a mere four days later, it's 55 degrees and sunny. I spend over 4 hours outside doing spring cleanup on the yard and garden. I can't wait until it's planting time. It was absolutely beautiful today, and it makes me yearn for warm weather and flower gardening.

I'm getting a few sewing projects completed that have been hanging around undone for too long. Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm not chafing to start something new. I'm always looking for a new quilt design. I have some Benartex fabric in the "Cider Mill Road" line and a block design I copied from the magazine "The Quilter" in 2003 that seem to want to go together.

Then, I ran across this little beauty at the Missouri Star Quilt Company's Cutting Table Blog and now I want to make it: Small quilts have been catching my eye recently. I even ordered a book of small quilt projects from Amazon, "Fat Quarter Quilting: 21 Terrific 16" x 20" Projects". Of course, I haven't gotten it yet because I'm cheap and I opted for the super saver shipping, so it's sloooooooow. Good reason to clean up all these projects that have been hanging around for a while, since as soon as it arrives I know I'll swoon over something and have to make it.

I finished piecing "Kentucky Girl Moves to Tennessee" a few days ago. I'll post a picture along with "Golden Autumn" (I haven't made up my name for that one yet) as soon as it gets two borders attached. I spent the morning piecing a backing when I should have been doing borders. These pieced backings may use up scraps and save fabric, but they sure take a lot of time.

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momtofatdogs said...

Spring Clean-up? We're off to a good start on this end. Had the Tree-Guy out to chop down a tree that "looked dead" to Prince Charming. It was leaning towards the house too. He was right.....the Tree-Guy said it was dead inside......They will come back later next week with the stump grinder.

Next up is to build another planter , all for my Hydrangeas that I have been nursing in our garage all winter.

Oh ! I simply can not wait to see the green grass.