Friday, September 11, 2009

It's like Christmas around here

Remember when I cleaned out my fabric closet and bemoaned the pileup of scraps? I offered my scraps to anyone who wanted them. Well, Michele took me up on it. We exchanged emails and agreed to swap a box of scraps for fat quarters to reimburse for the postage. I got a medium flat rate box and started cramming. I don't know how much I managed to put in that box, but let's just say it was a good idea to use a flat rate mailer.

I got a nice email from Michele and she seemed pleased with the bounty. And today I received a package of fat quarters from her: First, let me say that I definitely got the better end of the deal! I love these fabrics, Michele, thanks so much! She also enclosed a very sweet card and commented that I could tell she loves blue. I do too, so this was a wonderful experience. (When I looked at her blog and found a photo of a calico and a black cat, I knew she was my kinda gal.)

Well, that's not all that was delivered today. Last week I thumbed through the new Hancock's of Paducah catalog (Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!) and fell in love with the Moda "Morris Workshop" collection by Barbara Brackman. Love, love, love Brackman's fabrics. The colors and prints are so down my alley, it's absolute perfection. I had to order it, of course. And today it came:
I already know what I'm going to make. And I think this is a line-jumper - it can't wait its' turn after the other designs in progress, it will have to go to the front of the queue.

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Suzan said...

Some seriously yummy fabrics from Hancock's. I thumb through their catalogue for hours every time it arrives in the mail!