Monday, September 7, 2009

Pieced quilt backings

Bloggers have been talking about pieced quilt backings. I started doing this last year, partly to stretch a slightly-too-small length of fabric, but also to incorporate labels and blocks. This is the back of the quilt made from the teacup swap that fizzled out. My 9 teacup blocks are on the front and two of the swapped blocks are on the back. There was a third, but I gave it away. These two coordinated best with my teacups. This was done to use a length of fabric that wasn't quite wide enough for the baby quilt. I also liked the look of it.
More stripes on the back to use up my butterfly blocks. They matched the front, and were too pretty not to use.
This back incorporated the label, and was made of 10" squares of leftover fabric.
This one incorporated stripes of all the flowers in the dominant print on the front, and incorporated the label too.
This was to widen a length of fabric. It also used up scraps from the front, and a stripe of the dominate print.
And this is the backing for my husband's "half a quilt", yet to be quilted. I didn't have enough of the blue fabric from the border, so I added a chunk of stripes from my stash. Probably not my best effort, but it got the job done.
It becomes apparent I have a style - a stripe down the back that incorporates blocks or fabric strips. Maybe I need to branch out more...


momtofatdogs said...

they look beautiful, all of them.


julieQ said...

I like your pieced backs! I have a lot of old floral fabrics, and I am piecing them into backs too.

The Calico Cat said...

I recognize one of those - thanks again!

Joan J said...

Love seeing your backings! They are all well placed and add interest. I'm working on a quilt right now for Mr. B (yeah, I really am!) and it is my first pieced back (simply because I didn't have wide enough backing fabric) and I love it.

Tanya said...

That is a new art form! The back is just as lovely as the front! I'll have to try that.