Monday, April 27, 2009

There's a flower garden in there somewhere

Oh brother, what a day. Five solid hours of errands and running around the whole east end of town. I made a chore list last night so I knew what I was in for, but all this dashing here and there really wears a body out.

The list alone is tiring:
1. Drop off recycling at the city's convenience recycling center.
2. Go to the hardware store.
3. Go to the drugstore.
4. Pick up an empty box at the FedEX shipping center.
5. Return home and pack up wedding gift quilt for shipment.
6. Go to the nursery and pick out flowers/tomato plants.
7. Go back to the FedEx and ship wedding gift quilt.
8. Go to the grocery.


So, these:
and these:
will be planted here:and here: and here:
and here:
and here:
and other places too, tomorrow. I plan a very early start so I can do the heavy work digging out and refreshing the dirt in the large pots while it's still cool (I decided that you didn't need to see the bags of composted manure and potting soil).

I tried to pick plants I don't usually use. Although I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a gardener, I try to keep up the flower bed and pots in front of the house and those adorning the back yard and patio, and do enjoy a splash of color in the yard.

Now for the "what was I thinking?" part of this post:

I completed the binding on the double wedding ring quilt yesterday. It took over ten hours stretched over three days to prepare, attach, and hand finish the binding. I used a home-made folded bias tape binding, single thickness - the double thickness kind I usually use won't go around the curves as well. The scallops required a lot of fussing to be sure everything was smooth. It was a narrow binding, just 3/8" and was made of the darker rose fabric used in the center squares. I'm describing this because, well, I can't show you. I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE BEFORE I WRAPPED AND BOXED AND SHIPPED IT. How dumb am I?

Yesterday, I was so exasperated and sick of that quilt. After I finally got all that scalloped binding completed, I spread it out on the guest bed to look one more time for threads to be clipped. Something caught my eye. One of the arc segments, the ones with a vine running through like this, wasn't quilted. I kept looking. There was another one. And another. And another. She had missed quilting the vine in four arcs. So, I threaded my Juki, sketched a vine and leaves with chalk in the four arcs, and duplicated her longarm quilting as well as I could. It's not exactly the same thread as the rest of the quilt, and my vines don't look just like her vines, but at least it was quilted.

I laid it out on the guest room and practially crawled across it with a magnifying glass to be sure there was nothing else. It was finally done. Then, in relief, I swathed it in one of my favorite wrapping papers, put on a nice curly bow, and slipped a card under the ribbon.

Today, I boxed it with the wedding picture album my husband made for them, and set off to FedEX. Just about the time I got in the car, I realized I had not photographed the completed quilt. Oh bother. I'll ask the couple to make a picture and send to me.

That'll have to do.


Chris said...

Congratulations on your finish! You are braver than I.

Linda said...

I'm sure your flowers and plants will be lovely....I'm not a gardener either but I like a lovely yard and someone's got to do it....I'm glad you caught the no quilting blocks...I look forward to seeing the finished quilt. I'm sure your quilting was fine too. That's a lovely gift. I like the swag or curved edges but they are a challenge to bind. I so like a finish....Your X quilt looks good too. Great baby quilt. Hugs, Linda