Saturday, April 25, 2009

Half a quilt

Paula's going to be making a quilt for her sweetie. And, sometime before next fall I need to do the same. But for a different reason. Paula, The Quilter wrote that her guy asked for a new lap quilt for his new chair. I need to make half a bed quilt. Let me explain.

I am hot-natured. VERY hot-natured. If I try to sleep with more than one light quilt on the bed, I die. My husband, on the other hand, likes warmth. We have tried folding back half a full size quilt, and putting a twin size quilt only on his side. Neither work very well because the weight of the quilt pulls it off the bed. So I had a brainstorm. Why not half a quilt?

I plan to make it 48" x 84". Just enough to lie on top of the first quilt over one person, to add a second layer of warmth. And, being kitty people, he requested a cat pattern. I already found a GREAT piece of fabric for the back: but I haven't decided on a design. I looked at a bunch of cat-based pieced and appliqued blocks online and he didn't like any of them. So for now I'm stumped.

Anybody have a fantastic cat quilt pattern?


paula, the quilter said...

oooo, oooo, I do! (hand waving frantically in the air). It is an old pattern called "Stairway to Cat Heaven" Easy piecing and easy applique.

Lindah said...

I thought we were the only couple with this problem! I've been thinking about the half quilt solution, too. Sorry, I don't have any great cat patterns. Paula's sounds interestesting, though. Maybe she will tell us where to find it?

AJ said...

Love the fabric.