Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's alive, it's alive!

After a tiring afternoon yesterday, planting is about done. The bare pot at the front door looks like this:and the ones at the driveway like this:The white pots flanking the patio steps are filled:I planted those asymetrically this year and used hypoestes to "mound and trail" over the corner of the pot per the description. Boy, I hope.

There's group of pots next to the bench too. Those contain herbs as well as flowers:And, my flower bed and "bucket garden" (tomatoes in pots) are planted:I have high hopes for the "Better Boy hybrids. I wanted to try heirlooms but the nursery guy didn't think they would do well in containers. These, however, are said to take pot cultivation well. We'll see.My little flower plot looks nice - no vining plants this time, the lantana took over the joint last year and was a nuisance to trim. I like to put scaveola in these hanging baskets. It will fill out nicely and takes summer heat well.Of course, I have more empty pots and to plant!Now, if only I can keep the local critters from disturbing the pots and beds until they are well rooted. The squirrels: and their cute cousins: will dig and uproot the plants - who knows why? As my husband said, "They're called vermin for a reason."


Greenmare said...

oh now can you come help this poor one armed quilter do her planting? I'll make you some of my left handed banana bread!

Lucy said...

I know...but I still love those little guys in the yards. I throw peanuts out to the squirrels at my daughter's house and SIL yells at me for keeping the squirrels in his yard. Party Pooper!