Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quiltville mystery part 5

We're still nine-patching. Now we are making 20 double nine patch blocks using the small nine patches we made and the solid squares. I am almost finished with these blocks (2 to go) and have made some rolling stars, but still haven't finished all the brown/gold square-in-a-squares. I got sort of burned out on them and decided to go ahead with the rest of the blocks.

As soon as I have finished the last two double nine patches, I am going to jump on those brown square-in-a-squares and make some real progress. I want to make star blocks!

Yesterday wasn't the biggest sewing day I have ever had. I got a little done in the morning but went out to the garage to do some straightening, storing and sweeping. That took hours. And then the Christmas village finally made it into the boxes and back into the closet for another year. I finished loading everything back into the guest room closet about midnight. In between the two jobs, a friend of my husband's dropped by for a visit (and while that friend was here another one called). Then this morning two other friends called. He's one popular guy! As a result of the last call, though, he made plans to watch a movie with the guy at our house after dinner, so I get the whole evening to myself in the kitchen with my sewing machine. I almost never want to watch the movies they pick. They tend to watch more serious, darker fare than I prefer. My stance is, the world has enough misery as it is without paying Netflix $16.99 a month to rent some.


old solider said...

I have a soft spot for homemade quilts.they always bring back some mighty fine memorys for me

Elaine Adair said...

Ah hah! Here I am, after you told me NOT to look! Yours is going to be wonderful! I am also using (dark) several green instead of pink and my indigo is really purple, and my cheddar is rust. My browns are all the same dark browns, but I am using a variety of neutrals. I am currently trimming after finishing Step 2.

I also taped my ruler to help with the trimming. Aren't we both smart?

Paula said...

Love those Double Nine Patches!!

Suzan said...

Love the blocks! I can't wait to see the star blocks. I am a slacker with lots of pieces all over my studio and no real progress made.

The Calico Cat said...

Love you fabric choices for those double 9-patches!