Monday, January 5, 2009

Quiltville mystery part 6

Yep, I was right! I knew it had to be alternating blocks and the numbers didn't come out right unless it was set on point. The only problem now is finding enough green scraps left over to cut the side and corner triangles. I am determined to only use stash in this quilt. That probably means a pieced border because there aren't large enough pieces left!Here's a peek at what the completed quilt will look like. I still have 10 star blocks to make, so I can't put the quilt together today. Please excuse any small brown flecks on the carpet - they're pipe tobacco, probably. This was photographed in my husband's computer room floor.
Can't wait to see Bonnie's ideas for borders.


Paula said...

I really like this quilt. Maybe YOU should have a give away and give me a chance to win this one!!! LOL

Joan said...

I love the symmetry of this quilt. As always, your color choices are great. Is it going to be full sized?

Suzan said...

Jan! This is turning out to be gorgeous!! And, no, I am not posting photos of mine until I have something decent to show!! :)

Sheila in Ohio said...

I haven't started it yet, so I appreciate the tip. Your colors are fantastic!

Linda_J said...

Yikes on the pressing thing. I can see that the points would line up must more easily pressed to nest.

The green looks so restful in the quilt---good choice. Since I am always attracted to the graphic lines of the chaining blocks, I love how this is turning out. BUT, still not apt to want to try it, LOL.

Elaine Adair said...

OH my - so pretty! Wish I had known/thought of the pressing options you thought of. However, while the intersections of the Sns are 'clunky' now, I HAVE noticed that when quilted, and especially when washed, those clunky intersections always soften up.

Your green is lovely. I have DARK green, and today after work, I'm checking out the LQS for a softer, not so dark green.

Keep up the good work.