Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quiltville mystery part 4

There be star blocks here!

Actually, at this point, I call them "light at the end of the tunnel". And I think I know how the whole thing goes together. If I'm right, it's neat - but I won't say any more.

The square in a squares in two colorways make a cute star block, and finally I get to see my greens in their place of honor in the center of the block.

I got all the strips sewn and cut yesterday and then life intervened again, and I had to take some time out to handle personal business at the bank. So after dinner I got back to the nine patches. I wanted to be sure that the green and shirting fabrics were distributed evenly, so I spread out all the segments and paired (three-ed?) them up for each block. I know, I know - control issues. I couldn't just put them in bins and pull two of the green-white-green and one of the white-green-white and sew. OH NO. I had to hand select all 130 blocks. After that I sewed 30 nine patches before I decided to call it a night. So now the sewing machine is back in service and I have 100 nine patches and 110 brown/gold square in a squares to make before I can see those beautiful blocks come together. I had to make a sample. Did you notice that I had to piece some of my gold center patches? I almost ran out!

I have enough browns to make sets of four of the square-in-a-squares, and I will pick out matching blue blocks in sets of four to make the assembled star blocks consistent from block to block, although each one will vary from the next.

What am I doing, typing? I have work to do!

Oh, P.S. - while I was out on errands, I ran by the local quilt shop and found the perfect fabric for rings and corner squares on the gift double wedding ring quilt. And plastic template sheets. So now, since I already had the perfect floral for the centers of the blocks, I have everything ready to start that quilt -- after I get shook loose from Bonnie's clutches!

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Tanya said...

That is a lovely star block and how neat to be surprised about it! Your quilt is going to be fantastic!