Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keeping the old brain cells running

Since I've retired and don't interact with many people on a daily basis, I was afraid that I would "stagnate", for lack of a better work, without more daily mental stimulation. I have fallen into a few habits which I feel keep my brain percolating. They also happen to be fun.

The first is a computer Scrabble game, which I have always loved to play. It's pretty hard, even at the lower levels because, well, the computer has the whole dictionary in its memory, and I definitely can't say the same. Nonetheless, it's a great tool to keep the vocabulary skills up. I play a few games every day.

The second is Sudoku, which I didn't really like at first but has become addictive. I have several puzzle books and pencils (with erasers!) lying around the house for odd moments, and I work a few before I turn in at night. Good for keeping the logic circuits lubricated and running smoothly.

Add in my quilting for stimulating creativity, and I think I have a well-rounded brain program!


Suzan said...

OMG - Sudoku makes me crazy! My DIL does them all the time and I just shake my head.

Catherine said...

Sudoku is great for the brain cells. And I read a study last night about how much doing searches on the Internet stimulates the brain!

paula, the quilter said...

I do the daily crossword in the paper. The puzzles get progressively harder every day, so that by Sunday the empty squares outnumber the filled in ones.

Joan said...

I do enjoy Sudoku, and computer games as well. Probably too many computer games, in fact! But you're absolutely right in making sure your mind is stimulated. I wonder if a study has ever been done on the benefits of quilting -- all that math!

Tanya said...

I'm trying to lay off those computer games. I have two I like and they are good to kill time but I don't really have the time to kill. I remember when I used to get after my son for wasting time on his TV games and saying he was addicted but I guess I'll have to be careful or he'll be saying the same thing about me.

Joan said...

I thought of your post today when I read this article on MSNBC:

See what you think!