Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't you love it when a plan comes together

The leaf wreath quilt design is coming together. I didn't even have to go shopping for the coordinating plaid or the fabrics for the leaves. I shopped my stash and found a great pumpkin/cream homespun small plaid for the sashing and binding and all the fall leaf colors for the appliques in my box of Jenny Beyer fat quarters. I also found a 1/4 yard cut of a basketweave print which will be dissected to make the grapevine wreaths that will form the basis of the leaf wreaths.

I think if I make three long 1/4" bias strips per wreath, I can lay them down in an interlaced circle to form a grapevine wreath. I've never tried this before, so it will be an experiment. If I got really wacky, I could make the wreath in each block different: one round, one heart-shaped, one horseshoe-shaped, one with a basket-like bowl in the lower arc of the circle (I actually have a wreath like that for the front door). Ouch, I'm making this more complicated by the hour.

This is becoming a very time-consuming project, especially since it will all be hand appliqued. It will probably have to wait until January when all my BOMs are completed and the made-to-be-swapped-but-weren't teacup block wall hanging is done too. That one is waiting for the fabrics on order, which will come from the Moda "Bistro" line.

My Hearts-A-Flutter BOM is coming along nicely. I'm working on the October block in the 30's prints for mine, and as soon as it's done I will make the block in the Civil War repro for that gift project.

On this day I showed the blocks made in Civil War fabrics. It is going to be a gift lap quilt for a family member. Can't say any more - don't know who's reading this!

Since it's planned as a Christmas gift, I figure that as soon as I get the November block done, I will cut out the sashing and border and sew together everything except the spot where the final block will go. That way, when the last pattern is published, I can jump right on it, add the finished block to the almost completed top and get it to the quilter ASAP. I need to reserve some time with her so I know it will be done by Christmas. Of course, I also will take a picture of the completed flimsy and have that on hand in case I need to wrap the photo with an IOU instead of the quilt! You just never know.

All these BOM's have made me feel like I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted this year, but I have only to look at the box where all those blocks are stored to see that it's an illusion. I've actually gotten a lot done this year, especially when you count the dragonfly applique.

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