Saturday, July 12, 2008

Diamond log cabin part 2

Here's a photo of three diamonds from my diamond log cabin. When I discovered the free Moda pattern, I made up a sample block and discovered I disliked the size of the finished diamond -- way too big. I also didn't like the larger center diamond. It seemed to dominate the block. You can see that by reducing the size of the inner diamond to the same width as the strips, it makes the diamond a little more petite and more log-cabin feeling. (I really love this pattern now.) The fabric is the Moda Allspice Tapestry line and it's lovely. The quilt will be set up alternating diamonds with dark and light outer strips.

I discovered very early that the strips are stretchy and you can make major variations in diamond size with pretty small errors. I drafted a finished size diamond and used it to cut patterns for each segment of the diamond. My strip sets are sorted for each block. As I start a new block, I trim the strips to length using the paper patterns. This would be a great rotary cutter template set idea! I have to lay the paper pattern on the strip, align my small ruler on the edge of the paper, and then trim. Kind of slows you down.


Jacquie said...

Pretty, pretty...I like your version!

Linda_J said...

I really like this! I keep looking at a diamond strings version and thinking I want to try it---someday, LOL.

Brenda said...

I have great admiration for anyone that can make triangles or anything sewn on the bias, and trying to get it all to fit. I wanted so much to do an ocean wave quilt last year, and was using black fabrics and kinda bright colors, and after completing a couple of the blocks, realized that if they were not perfectly lined up, the overall look would not be good. I just read some ones comment to use starch. Maybe I will try again someday! Yours looks great and I love the Moda fabrics!!!!