Saturday, March 1, 2008

Somewhere in Time BOM on BlockCentral

Is anyone doing this BOM? I would like to see what anyone else used as their palette. Trying to stash-bust, I raided the fabric closet this morning, but I usually don't have over a yard of any one fabric, unless it just sung to me at the store. I make really scrappy designs anyway so I want a lot of choices. Today, this wasn't working.

I have three yards of a Brackman & Thompson 1800's print that I can use for the block focus fabric and borders, but I was having trouble coordinating with the odd reddish-rust and green in the print, and I didn't have enough of any one fabric. I would have to make it scrappy, and the design just didn't want to be scrappy. It was too planned.

Then, I decided that I don't need another bed size quilt, anyway, and since this one is 76" x 96", it would be too small for either my bed or the guest room. If I shrank the patterns to 2/3 size (that's not hard, I never buy patterns, I just look at the photo and draft them myself) I would have a lap size quilt, there would be enough fabric, and I could quilt it myself. Decision!

Then, as I returned the fabric boxes to the closet, another 3 yard length just kept calling to me. I've had it for years, there's no writing on the selvege to identify the maker, and all I know is it's 100% cotton. It's also gray/beige/tan/black. SOOOO not me. I remember when I bought it, but not why. It's quite pretty for the subdued color scheme, though, and might make a good focus fabric for this pattern. I raided my boxes and in two minutes had a coordinated stack.

So, here's my dilemma: Do I do the predictable or do I make a gray/beige/tan/black quilt? Have any of you made a gray quilt? Does this mean I'm depressed (just joking!). It might be interesting. Or boring.

I need a vote. Here are the pictures; chime in with your opinions. Traditional (1)
or monochrome (2)?


QuiltingFitzy said...


...because it's a little more un-traditional!

Try a block of each before you decide so you don't feel like "If I would have..."

Linda said...

That's a hard one. I like both of them and no, I don't think gray is boring and I sure don't think you're depressed....I think I agree with Quiltingfitzy about making a sample block. Do you have one of those things (I don't know what it's called but you look through it and it multiplies your blocks). I have one of those and I do that when I'm undecided. I think number 1 is more like your other quilts. Do you want to stretch? Then, do number 2. I don't think you'll be unhappy with either choice..

Linda said...

Ok, I've voting again. I went to BC and looked at the pattern and I definitely like #2 the best. hugs, Linda

Mad about Craft said...

I like both but No 2 has the edge for me and I agree, grey isn't boring, not your choice anyway!

Katie said...

I like #2 mainly b/c I tend to draw towards cooler colors. :)