Thursday, February 28, 2008

At last, some time alone with my sewing machine

Alrighty, then. The kitchen is cleaned up, supper from the local barbecue joint consumed (it wasn't a cop out - this place was written up in Southern Living for the quality of the barbecue and it is de-lish) and husband and his brother ensconced in the living room watching some kind of guy thing (didn't even ask). So I slipped off to the kitchen to assemble some blocks on my new made-for-me-not-someone-else project. It's a log cabin construction built on a 60 degree angle.

I found Moda's "Allspice Tapestry" jelly rolls on sale for a price that worked out to be less than the store's yardage cost, and pounced on them. Hey, I'm not cutting strips if I don't have to. I'm making log cabin diamonds with 2" wide centers and two rounds of 2" finished strips. Dark center/light row 1/dark row 2 or light center/dark row 1/light row 2, set alternating. I'm using every print in the entire collection - love the scrappy look.

But I must say, there must be a special patron saint for foolish quilters who attempt anything with this many bias edges. The slightest little tug while feeding the diamonds through the machine and you're off-sized. I have never worked on anything so picky.

There's a lot going on. My houseguest is here and I had to deal with a vet visit, too. My cat had a rough day at the vet's getting her teeth cleaned. They half scared her to death. I don't know what exactly transpired except she's timid and all the animals and people there overloaded her. She came home woozy from the sedative and absolutely hysterical. I was very worried. She was even hissing at me and at my husband, her favorite person on earth. He calmed her down and after the sedative completely wore off she was better. So she's curled up in the kitchen chair next to me and I'm giving her a little extra kitty TLC. I just don't know how this cat got so fragile, but she's easily pushed to the edge. Just doesn't have the stamina to take a great deal of stimulus at once. I think if we ever had to leave for a while I couldn't board her; I would have to hire a cat sitter.

Sometimes it seems like everything in my life requires special handling. My husband has had health issues, my mom is mid-80's and is dealing with her health conditions and is a cancer survivor, my brother has been diabetic for 45 years, I have a chronic health problem, even my cat, for heaven's sake, is not robust. At times it feels like an awfully lot.

Oh, whine-whine-pout-pout. Go and sew some blocks.


Krafty Kathryn said...

I sympathise. As a recent convert to quilting, I find it is playing Hell with my social life! I'm sorry your cat is having a tough time- hope things are calmer in the morning. I love your blog and often pop by but this is the first time I've left a comment. Best wishes, Kathrynx

julieQ said...

I am sorry...sounds like it is all a bit overwhelming at times. It gets that way sometimes for me, and if I can just stitch for a little bit, I feel better equiped to handle it. I know you have a guest, that makes it harder to sneak a minute away!! Hope you are OK.