Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What are you grateful for?

Working on my Project Linus quilt this afternoon got me thinking about gratitude. I am grateful that I found this way to give a little to a child somewhere. I don't feel that I have a huge number of skills that charities could use, but I CAN sew. I also have a nice stash of fabrics to draw from, for which I am grateful. I have a nice roomy spot in the kitchen to sew, and I have a husband that doesn't care if the sewing machine is whirring for hours and sewing stuff is all over the kitchen.

I am profoundly grateful that my husband's health issues are stabilizing and we can see a time ahead that won't be all doctor's visits and medical concerns. I am grateful that I could afford to retire a little earlier that I had planned to help him this summer. After reading in a blog of a quilter's loved one going through a terrible illness, I am grateful that our health issues can be managed as well as they are.

I am very grateful that I still have my mom in my life. She's in her mid eighties, and going strong. We don't live near each other but we can swap ideas and chat on the phone for hours. Even if she does call right back after we'd hung up because she remembered one more thing she was going to tell me (which drives husband a little nuts).

In this age of mortgage defaults and high housing costs, I am grateful for this home, even if it IS a 60's rancher with paneling in the den! (The paneling has kind of grown on me.)

And, I am grateful for all the quilter's blogs I have discovered recently, who inspire and inform me, and make me feel a part of a network of talented, creative ladies. Quilters and bloggers, I salute you.

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