Thursday, January 17, 2008

First quilt pieced for Project Linus

Here is the finished pieced top for my first Project Linus quilt. It is 42 x 59. The backing will be a pink trellis print fabric from Maywood and it will be bound using the green strips lying to the left of the quilt top. I am very happy with it. It is also 100% stash-supplied, even the batting. Haven't decided on the quilting style yet.

OK, full disclosure time, This quilt was cut out and pieced while I had a big ol' bandage on my left palm because stupid here burned her hand while cooking dinner on Monday. Weeeeell, there are also small burns on three fingertips so add three more band-aids to the total. A skillet handle that I didn't think was still hot and I made contact. Ended up making a trip to the local doc-in-the-box and everything. It's healing well and a nuisance more than anything. It's official -- I'm a idiot.

One more thing - most of the photos for this blog are taken with a pink Fujifilm Finepix Z3 that my husband gave me for Christmas. In my mid-fifties, I'm finally discovering my inner girl.

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