Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi, I'm Jan and I'm a sew-a-holic

There has to be a twelve step program somewhere that can help me. No sooner do I get a project idea in my head than I'm rooting among the stash boxes and pulling out fabric. Then I'm cutting and then I'm sewing. It's an addiction, I tell you.

The local coordinator for Project Linus answered my email and provided some information about the program. I'm really excited to contribute to it. Heaven knows, I don't need another quilt myself. I have only been making gift quilts for some time now, and the people I know can't provide enough occasions to keep my habit satisfied! So now I will start making Project Linus quilts, and the first one is already halfway pieced!

I wanted to use my burgeoning stash to supply the project quilts, and I really don't have the bright, kid-y colors that you would normally think of. But I do have a lot of scraps from my Robyn Pandolph-inspired days and I pulled out a pink trellis print about 5 ft long that would be a great backing for a pink and green girly-girl quilt. I know that somewhere there's a 4 or 5 year old girl going through a pink phase that would love it. So, I found a tone on tone ivory, a bright pink, a bright green, and a floral with a pink background and roses. Twelve "Card Trick" blocks later, I will have the pink quilt of some little girl's dreams. I've got six blocks pieced already.

I will also get machine quilting practice out of this plan. Win-win, all the way around.

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Joan said...

Love the new pictures! And bravo for donating quilts to Project Linus! My grandson was in Shriners' Hosp and they were angels, so I spent a year (see? I'm SO much slower than you! LOL) making 12 quilts -- one for each room in the children's wing. It was a great feeling to donate those quilts! I'm sure the children receiving your quilts will be delighted.