Thursday, May 23, 2013

The world of small

I'm currently infatuated with making mini quilts for small doll and teddy bear displays.  I was prompted to do this when I found a teddy bear bed made by Boyd's that is darling but TINY.  So I investigated what it would take to make a very small quilt, and now, here I am eight quilts later and planning more in my head as we speak!

Here are what I've made so far.  Three of them are in vignettes that I didn't want to disassemble so the photos are of more than the quilt, but you can see the details.  The quilts are about 10" x 12", or 10" x 10" to 11" x 11".  The piecing is difficult working that small because the seam allowances are so thick they distort the quilt somewhat.  I'm learning more as I progress.

Now, here's the show:

A log cabin with 3/8" wide strips.  This might be my favorite:
 A nine patch with 1 1/2" blocks:
 A Trip Around the World with 1" squares, the first one I made (don't you love that tiny quilt rack?):
Crosses and Losses with 2" blocks:
 More 2" blocks, this time baskets:
Hourglass variant, 2" blocks:
 Amish strip design:
 My original design, inspired by the colors of a Kim Brackett quilt in "Scrap Basket Beauties":
I have two quilts, a zigzag set Jacks on Six and a Darting Birds design, in mind next.

These quilts only consist of top and backing, no batting since it would make them too stiff to drape over a doll bed or small quilt rack.  If I wanted to display them hanging I would have used batting.  I've started eyeing those small standing display racks that hold a quilt up to 12" square.  Hmm............

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Catholic Bibliophagist said...

I am so impressed with your tiny blocks! Are these actually pieced or paper pieced?