Friday, April 5, 2013

You're not from around here, are you?

Of all the strange things to see out my front window this morning as I sat sewing, this is what I found:
Two Canadian geese wandering around in my front yard, enjoying what I am sure is a plethora of bugs in my new spring grass.  Perhaps they stopped on the flyover for a snack before continuing north.  Or perhaps they are a pair that live around here near the river.  There seems to be quite a few year round residents, especially around the power plant where I worked.  

In either case, this pair was headed toward the busy road that borders my property and I was worried about them.  I have seen geese in the streets near the greenway beside Chicamauga Creek stopping traffic and it always scares me that a driver won't see them.  So I grabbed my camera and my shoes and went out to shoo them back up the hill.

Here they are crossing my driveway and heading up the side street:
If they just keep going that direction they will be safe.
 I have to admit that while I was goose-shooing, I was keeping a safe distance.  These are pretty big and can be cranky.  They can peck and pinch!


Tanya said...

You did your good deed for the day! Protecting geese!

Linda said...

The goose saver, good for you. I'm glad you didn't get pecked in the process. Those are big birds!