Saturday, April 20, 2013

Whoops - forgot the cheddar bow ties!

In my haste during the winter to finish UFOs I forgot one:
Cheddar Bow Ties!

I didn't notice that Bonnie Hunter was doing a giveaway and link-up based on the bow tie blocks until I saw the winner of the giveaway announced in the group digest today.  And I have't thought about my lovely bow tie blocks for months and months.

Oh, man.  Now I HAVE to finish them!

Anyway, I am probably about a quarter of the way done with enough 4" bow tie blocks to make a king size quilt (why, oh why do I have to make them so LARGE!).  Unless I add a border I need 576 of them, so with 170 done there's a lot of bow-ing and tie-ing in my future.  I probably should finish the binding I have started on Easy Street and get to it!


Paula, the quilter said...

It really is hard to make the smaller. I know. I have been trying to stay at the twin or full size so I can donate them. Hard hard hard.

Linda said...

Ok, get busy, you've got a long way to go with the bowing and tieing! I'm trying to work on old projects too...have fun!