Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What to do, what to do.......

OK, I'm in a quandary again.  I'm making blocks for a Blue Ridge Beauty quilt and have two possible settings.  There's the one in Bonnie Hunter's book:
 and then there's this variation:
I was planning to make it just like the book but recently finished a quilt that has a lot in common with Bonnie's original design (this quilt, from a kit by Connecting Threads, is folded in quarters, but you get the picture;  it's symmetrical in both directions.):
The blocks in the Connecting Threads quilt make a large X instead of a big square on point, but the impact is the same - the units form one shape versus several smaller shapes across the quilt top.  I think I'm also inspired by the Storm at Sea quilt, which has a smaller allover pattern.

Has anyone made a Blue Ridge Beauty and varied the layout like this?

Addendum:  I had another idea:
but, husband likes the diamond pattern better.  Guess my decision is made.


The Calico Cat said...

I haven't made the block/quilt, but I love how you can play with the layout. I'd love to see version 2 with some diamonds bigger that others & maybe off center... Something totally unexpected.

Katie said...

What a hard choice. The last one looks a bit like Bonnie's Patches and Pinwheels. I like that one too. :-)