Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's a picnic

Kim Brackett's pattern called Picnic, that is.  Since I finished that Storm at Sea quilt top I have been wanting to try another allover design and this one appealed to me.  I also had a bunch of Christmas fabric scraps to use.  Here are the blocks so far:
This pattern is definitely well named as it applies to ease of construction because the blocks practically fell together.  Cutting out the patches was also simple.  It is so easy that I would be tempted to make another one.

The published pattern does not have a border but I am tempted to add one.  Here's my idea from EQ:
I like the way the red bands seem to cross in the corners like ribbons.

Or should I leave it borderless like the pattern?  Either way it's not very big - 60" square without a border and 72" with one.  By the time I have the rows joined I'll decide.


Anonymous said...

I love it with your borders idea! I'd love for you to send me a photo when you get them....and I may have to be a copy cat!

Kim Brackett said...

A little birdie sent me the link to your post, telling me I had to check out the border. I love it! And I love the fabrics you used in your quilt. Makes me want to do another one. :-) Thanks so much for sharing!