Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm so ashamed. . .gulp.

You know how I said I wasn't going to buy any new fabric for the new Bonnie Hunter mystery?  Well, I caved.  Folded.  Crumbled like a stale cookie.  But I had a coupon.   .   .

Photos later.

This is the look I was wanting all along.  Now they've gone into that Rubbermaid tote and they're not coming out until the first clue.  I have made myself crazy over this.


Kristie said... fabric! It is hard not to break over and buy fabric. I just saw your comment on her blog and you mentioned your old stomping grounds in Ashland/Huntington/Ironton...I live in Louisa, know where that is? Not too far from Ashland.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Paula, the quilter said...

This made me smile.

Teresa in Music City said...

Looks like good enough reason to cave to me :*) Lovely fabrics!

Katie said...

LOL Bonnie does that to the best of us!! :-)