Monday, November 5, 2012

I just had a crazy idea. . .

.   .   .inspired by this fabric:
I was cruising through Thousands of Bolts online, looking at striped fabric because I'm thinking ahead to binding for the new Easy Street mystery quilt and I love striped bindings, when I saw this Kaufman fabric.  I'm not a "black" person.  Don't really wear black or decorate with it or quilt with it.  But when I saw this swatch of green/purple/white on black stripes I got this brain flash of doing the Easy Street quilt with green/gold/violet blue, white TOT for the constant and Kona Black solid for the background.

Am I crazy?

Well, if not Easy Street, I'm going to do something with those colors.  I'm buying a yard for binding.

Then I saw this:
and started seeing pink/purple/gray, black constant and white TOT background.

So may colorways, so little time.......

I think I just like stripes!

1 comment:

Brenda said...

The first stripe coordinates perfectly with the colors of your blog. No wonder you were drawn it. You'll just have to plan on making 2 easy streets. :-)