Saturday, September 15, 2012

What happened to customer service?

On top of all the car tag brouhaha that's going on, my new refrigerator finally arrived today, delivered by replicas of Moe and Larry of the Three Stooges.  Honest to God, they couldn't have been more inept or irritating if they had tried.  First they charged in and declared that they would have to take the kitchen door off its' hinges to get the new frig into the house (uh, NO) and then argued with me when I said absolutely not, take the doors off the old refrigerator if you need more room.  You have to take the doors off to dispose of it legally, anyway.  The door is 32" and the frig was 29 1/2" deep so it should have fit just fine, but there was no convincing them.  The grumbled and grouched and complained they were running late on their deliveries (NOT MY PROBLEM - anyway, they showed up 15 minutes early for the appointment, so how were they running late?) but did as I said, removed the doors and carried out the old refrigerator.

They dragged the new frig off the lift tailgate of the truck onto the concrete driveway, scraping the bottom the whole way and whined at me when I told them to be careful with it and quit manhandling it.  Then they challenged me when I said that the hinges were on the wrong side of the new one and the door would have to be reversed (duh, just like they are made to do;  somehow, all the ones I have bought have the door with the hinges on the right side from the factory and all my kitchens needed them on the left side - an easy fix if you don't bitch and moan and just DO IT).  The idiot kept saying that the door would hit the wall like I was too stupid to have measured and checked that myself;  anyway, even he could have seen that the new one was the same size as the old one and there was a 5" gap between the left side and the wall.  More bitching and moaning but they removed the doors and swapped the hinges, finally.

But then they started to reinstall the doors out in the driveway, and when I questioned why, if they thought the old refrigerator (the same size, remember?) wouldn't fit through the kitchen door without removing the doors how would this one fit with its doors on? - they just sneered and said they knew what they were doing.  I made them carry it in without the doors so they didn't scrape them up or wreck the door frame.

Then they picked it up and tried to carry it in.  Without the doors the width of the refrigerator was about 3" more than the depth of it.  Of course they picked it up with the wider dimension facing the door and it was too big.  I got more grief when I suggested that they turn it around with the smaller dimension toward the door so it would go through.  They wanted to remove the kitchen door again.  I reminded them that the old one had gone through the opening and the new one was the same size, they should just figure it out how to carry it in because they weren't removing the kitchen door, so get over it.  I can't fathom why they were so hot to take the kitchen door off its hinges.  No way I was letting those morons touch anything more in my house than I had to.

Finally, it was in the kitchen with doors installed.  They started to adjust the leveling legs but didn't even have a level (I loaned one);  they left black greasy hand prints all over the inside and outside of the refrigerator, especially on the door gasket - I spent a good hour scrubbing it after they left - and generally acted like idiots and boors.  To anything I criticized they kept responding how they'd done this for two years (I wanted to reply "Yeah, and evidently badly." but I restrained myself).

Later this afternoon I found a couple of nylon washers from the door hinge lying on the driveway.  I need to check where they should have been put and fix that tomorrow.

I'm waiting for Lowe's to call and ask if I want to complete a customer satisfaction survey.  Oh, yes I do.

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Katie said...

Yikes! After all that I sure hope it's a nice fridge. :-)