Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quiltalongs and mysteries and BOMs, oh my!

I am certainly deep in web projects.  You could probably say that I need to join BOMs Anonymous, if there was such an organization because I am absolutely hooked on the concept.  Herein, a short tour of my current commitments.

First, Barbara Brackman's Grandmother's Choice block of the week in honor of the women's suffrage movement.  I had a fat quarter bundle of Debbie Beaves "Simple Pleasures" collection with purples and greens that echoed the colors of the suffrage movement which begged to be included.
Then there is the Thread Head Quiltalong which started today.  Here are the first blocks, using a Fig Tree quilts fat quarter bundle that I picked up for a song but didn't know what to do with.  It happens that I have yardage of the aqua in the top left block for the setting squares.  What luck!
Also, there is a monthly mystery honoring Benjamin Franklin at  Erik Homemade, using a Moda red, white and blue collection:
And there is the quiltalong at The Elven Garden and Scrappy 'n Happy, two Australian bloggers.  This was a fat quarter bundle of William Morris-looking farics from my stash:
Animas Quilts has its yearlong mystery still going.  The last instructions started assembling sub-components into blocks.  I only had to buy background for this quilt, the rest came from my stash:
I'm also doing the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt at Lyn Brown's Quilting Blog, but so far we've only done four patches and nine patches and there isn't much to see yet.

Of course, if Bonnie Hunter has a mystery this fall I will have to do that one too.  You can see why I jumped ahead and finished the Debbie Mumm Sampler, I was becoming overloaded!  That hasn't prohibited me from starting several projects on my own, however, so I am busy sewing every day, even when a weekly or monthly instruction isn't pending.  One of the pleasures of being retired is that I can sew everyday.


Jo said...

Wow, you're on the ball! I've been sick for two weeks and am so behind. I may skip Threadhead unless i can get caught up quickly. Have you got your borders on Sunset and Vine? I did finish the top yesterday, made the back and binding..in the to-be-quilted pile. Love your Ben Franklin blocks!

Paula, the quilter said...

Six? Holey mackerel!

Kathryn said...

I really love the red, blue and cream/brown Benjamin Franklin - these colours look gorgeous and work so well together.

You have been rather busy!

Linda said...

Wow, I didn't realize you were doing so many! I like them all but I'm committed to too many local. I am doing Barbara Brackmans, Grandmother's Choice and I love that one. Your blocks are great. I love the purple. All of yours look great.