Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This 'n that

I mentioned I would post a photo of the quilting on the "Etchings" quilt.
Isn't this a pretty pattern?  Of course, Sherry did a beautiful job as usual.  The thread is pale blue to pick up on the blue in the patches, but unfortunately I think it doesn't show up as well as I had hoped.  But it's still lovely.  

I found two large boxes for the gift quilts.  The binding on the second one is done, so all I have to do is wrap them and drop them off at my sister in law's house the next time I visit my mother, later this month.  She lives about 40 miles from Mom, and pretty much on the way there (only a small detour).  I like that I can deliver the gifts by hand, because I panic and worry every time I have to mail a quilt.

On other fronts, I dug out some scraps and tried a new pattern from Kim Brackett's "Scrap Basket Surprises".  This one is called "Kitchen Sink" but I'm going to call mine "Paddlewheel".
You can see the treadmill deck beside my "design floor" (!) because I have to remind myself to walk this morning.  If the treadmill is in the way I have a harder time ignoring it.

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