Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's done (yay!)

It's finally done!  I'm in the middle of stay-stitching the edge but had to stop for a while because I'm tired of wrestling this stretchy quilt.  I must say, this is a pretty design although a difficult sewing job because of all those bias edges and string blocks.  But, it's done!

Pretty much done, to be exactly honest.  I'm still deciding whether to add a narrow gold border on the outside or perhaps a solid border of the fabric which inspired the color scheme.  It would be nice if the quilt were a little bigger. This is a decision that can be postponed for now.  I'll make the backing and binding and put it away for a while.

And, inspired by the colors, the name of the quilt is "Butterscotch Drops, Starlight Mints and Cinnamon Red Hots". 


Andee said...

It is beautiful! Nice work, and way to keep up with it!

Julia said...

I really like the modifications you made to your Orca Bay. Now it makes me want to change out my blue & red centers in the Ohio Stars.

Tanya said...

That is such a fantastic quilt!!! I love the colors and how it sparkles! It really is an eye catcher! Bias? Yuck, I have enough trouble keeping a quilt from warping on just straight edges. Good for you!