Monday, December 12, 2011

What not to buy for your wife for Christmas?

This article cracked me up.  It said that household appliances were not a good gift for Christmas because no woman wants to be reminded that you think of her as the person who does the chores around the house.  Well, not every woman is a looking for gold and diamonds under the Christmas tree.

I once got a really nice Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas.  I was tickled beyond belief because I had lusted after this expensive mixer for ages and was happy to receive it.  However, the reaction from the women at work was universally "Yuck!  What a miserable gift!"  I was mystified.  I loved my mixer.  It wasn't a gift that said "Gee, here's something to make you work even harder around the house."  It said "Here's a Kitchenaid mixer because you wanted one and you love to bake."

I refuse to believe that most women are so mercenary that they wouldn't appreciate a practical gift.  On the other hand, I spent my working life as an engineer surrounded by 99% men and maybe their opinions have rubbed off!  Or maybe I'm just naturally practical myself.

If anyone is looking for a person to give a carpet cleaner for Christmas, I promise I would appreciate it!      


Paula, the quilter said...

DH and I bought beef for each other. It will be delivered in January. The ultimate in practical gifts: food.

Unknown said...

You sound like me, I love kitchen appliances, and a kitchenaid mixer would be great. However, apparently my family thinks I smell bad, and have a bad fashion sense, because I get perfume and clothes! Gotta love 'em though, LOL! Happy holidays.

momtofatdogs said...

I guerss i am on the practical side too. I asked for, and got, a carpet cleaner. Steam jobbie. Works good. Especially on dog/cat/baby yak. Little more of the latter than the former now-a-days!! i ALWAYS ask for things I have lusted after but refused to buy for myself. Prince Charming to the rescue!! Gotta love that man.....And I do!


Elaine Adair said...

I don't know about such gifts for Christmas but when I was 16, and responsible for care of 5-6 horses, and all my girlfriends were getting cars, my father gave me a Manure Spreader, and I was thrilled!!! (I love that story!) I already had a car and a well-used wheelbarrow! LOL

These days, I would love a kitchen appliance as well - what else do we do as we get older, except keep cooking!