Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hand sewing. Boooooring.

Working on hand sewing bindings this weekend.  My fingers hurt.  I'm tired of hunching over the desk squinting at the striped binding. 
I'm whining.  I know.......

On other fronts, I completed the Quiltmaker mystery quilt - sorry, no picture, post one later.  It turned out it wasn't a pattern I would have chosen to make, but oh well, it will be a good gift for someone.  If I had known the color placement, I would have chosen differently.  One danger of mystery quilts.

The binding has to take first place because I let it stack up since the first of the year (blush) except for my niece's quilt.  Now I have to get all this completed before my nephew's gift quilt comes back from the longarm quilter.  After all those gift quilts at Christmas I was totally burned out on hand sewing bindings so now I have four (four!) to finish.  Sigh

Here's a non-whining reason for this post, the center of a little Christmas quilt I need to finish:

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Nancy said...

It's okay to whine once in a while.

Love the double pinwheels. I hope you are going to post a photo of the whole quilt when you finish.