Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another one chalked up as finished

I am trying so hard to complete all the almost-finished quilt tops I have lying around before I start something else.  I finally got the last two sides of the outer border on this one this morning.  It would have been done yesterday but we went to a movie.  The last Harry Potter installment.  We'd seen all the others, so what the heck.  I have to admit I wasn't so fond of them, but I'm not the target demographic, and I've read sooooo much fantasy and sci-fi in my life that nothing in that genre seems new to me. 

Anyway, this is my version of the all-plaid gift quilt that's going to the longarmer tomorrow.  This one is larger because it's for us.  I really need to slow down because we're running out of storage room.  But these are such nice colors for fall I couldn't resist. 


Greenmare said...

oh you are so good!!! I just cannot get myself motivated to do this!

Elaine Adair said...

It turned out so gooooood! How cozy it will be all quilted and crinkly! 8-)) uhhh, that is, when it gets cold.

Teresa in Music City said...

Very, very nice!!!