Friday, March 11, 2011

Downloaded fabrics and the next HST torture quilt

Here's a example of downloaded fabric files from Connecting Threads. Here is a photo of one of their quilt kitsAnd here is my drawing in EQ of a block with their fabrics:

And here is my drawing of the whole quilt:

Pretty neat.
On other fronts, I think I have finally decided what to do with the string blocks from RRCB. Here is the main block, which I have started calling Triangle City. All the blue triangles will be scrappy, the background will be scrappy white on whites and white on creams and the brown will be a single focus print, a brown paisley which I found at Walmart. It's nice fabric too.

The whole quilt will look like this:

Haven't decided if it will be a couch quilt or a huge bed quilt. But I like the design. Husband doesn't of course because he hates brown.

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BJ in TX said...

Love how you made that CT quilt in EQ! Isn't it great how we can be inspired by a design we see, and then go "make it"??!! I just love to do that - and looks like you enjoy it as well.